Wallpapers - HD Backgrounds and Wallpaper Images with Animated Clock Widgets for your Desktop App Reviews

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Great pictures - just slow to open

Love the choices available, but takes a minute to load. (The loading circle whirs during that time.) Other than the annoyance of having to wait, it’s great!

Not a smooth app!

The app is super laggy scrolling through the different wallpapers. In addition, I cannot seem to be able to save wallpapers anymore :O. It freezes sometimes with the mouse circling for 5 seconds before being able to scroll down the page. We also cannot delete saved Wallpapers. Please update and fix. Thank you!

beautiful wallpapers (not screensaver!) w/ great animations.

You really can’t go wrong, I don’t think anyone’s actually going to go over the daily 5 minimum photo saving limit for the free no upgrade version so it’s pretty convienient & you can favorite photos so you can save them another day if you go over your limit for whatever reason on a certain day. There’s major variety in each category of your choice so it’s easy to find things that’ll catch your eye. I haven’t experienced any glitches or any problems on my macbook pro, and the resolutions top notch. xx


tolle Hintergründe…alle super


Very nice pictures, runs smoothly!

pretty good

very nice wallpapers!!

Very nice.

Now if only they kept all the pretty pictures, but they replace them with pretty ones so it evens out! Great job!

Random View

The colour coordination for most of the pictures are great. The dark/light contrast of these are also very interesting. There ate a few that are bland but overall most are quite appealing.

Great App

thanks 4 this app! luv the wallpapers! just sometimes the clock either doesn’t work or you can’t see it clearly. ;)

Set the tone for your day

this app does a great job of setting the tone for my day or week. Enjoy the colour it adds to my day despite the weather outside.

very cool

fun and my macbook air looks awesome !

Great App!

This is a great app! It helps make special days even more special! It has something for everyday! I highly reccomend it! :)

great app

so colorful and lots of fun. Lifts your spirit.


I like this app a lot. I choose from a large gallery of wallpapers and whatever suits my daily mood. Wallpapers I chose from this app lighten my day, elevate my mood, and increase my work efficiency. Highly recommend to everybody, and I allways get asked where I find my backgrounds.


Nice app, thanks.

It simply doesn’t work

Non funziona.


The backgrounds are great, everything is high quality. The only downside is that you only get 5 backgrounds per day, but other than that its perfect.


Extremely easy to use with beautiful wallpapers. I don’t like animated wallpaper so I like that this app has a variety of regular still images. Images are beautiful and high quality. Love the monthly images with calendar.

The only one you need

I downloaded quite a few trying to find the best one and this is the only one that has the most wallpapers with the best images to choose from, it is super easy to use… best one in my opinion

I have this on my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad

This has got to be the only app that I use on all of my devices. All of the pictures are so high quality, high resolution, and completely transform any of your devices. Here’s the difference between this app and other wallpaper apps: all of the artwork is about the same quality (there are no varying qualities when you click through), the app is very easy to navigate, and everything is “cut” perfectly to fit your device (no awkward cropping, stretching, and shrinking of the wallpapers required). I’ve had this app on my iPad for years, and I’ve tried some other similar apps out—only to delete them and come back to this one. It’s just the highest quality you can find.

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